Fieldgate Studio is situated in a large detached private house just outside Cardiff, not far from the sea-front, in a quiet area with plenty of parking. Penarth is an attractive Victorian town three miles south of Cardiff with easy links to the M4 and Cardiff International Airport.


Starting life as the in-house music production facility for composers Ben Heneghan and Ian Lawson, Fieldgate Studio was expanded to be available for bookings with house engineer Andrew Lawson.


The concept of the studio is a development of the one-room music production facility, where recording engineer and musician are often the same person. In our expanded version, we have situated the recording equipment in the centre of the room, creating two spaces for musicians either side. Putting the engineer among the players has obvious benefits for quick and easy communication. However, producers and clients still need a space where they can comfortably listen to the ongoing session in isolation. Hence the ‘listening’ room, from which proceedings can be monitored. Furthermore, once the microphones and main console have been set up the engineer is able to control events from either room.


Both the main studio and the listening room are fully air-conditioned with a completely silent system developed and installed by Silentair Ltd.


The main studio has an area of 500 square feet and houses a brand new 7’6 Fazioli concert grand piano. Other instruments include a Fender Rhodes, a Hammond Organ,  and drum kits by DW and Gretsch. The main computer, an eight-core Mac Pro, is located in the store/machine room, which has been constructed between the main room and listening room to provide additional sound isolation. Two-way audio and video feeds connect the two rooms.


The listening room opens on to a spacious and private garden providing an attractive setting to relax in. There are many nearby bars and restaurants both along the seafront and in the town centre.


Fazioli pianos are considered by many to be the finest pianos made today. Paulo Fazioli and his company have been producing concert-grand pianos since 1981, they produce about one hundred pianos each year. Each instrument is individually handcrafted - combining high quality materials with the finest workmanship and technology. Our F228 model was especially chosen for the studio by Ian Lawson and purchased new in 2010.

I love Fieldgate studio. It’s always a pleasure to work there. The equipment is unrivalled and it’s a lovely location. Not to mention the beautiful Fazioli grand piano that sits there whispering to me, telling me go and enjoy its company every time I visit.





Tube Condensers

1x Neumann u47

2x Neumann u67

2x Flea 49

1x Gefell UM900

2x Lawson L47 MkII

2x Lawson L251



1x Neumann u87ai

2x Schoeps CMC-64

2x Lawson FET47

1x Blue Kiwi

2x Beyer Dynamic MC740

1x Soundfield SPS422

3x Earthworks TC25



2x Coles 4038 (Matched)

1x Royer SF12 (Stereo)



4x Shure SM57

1x Shure SM7b

1x AKG D112

1x Beyer Dynamic M201

2x Shure Beta 56


Mic Preamps

DW Fearn VT2

2x Telefunken v72t

Neve 1073DPA

Chandler TG2

Forssell SMP2A

API 3124+

2x UA LA-610

A Designs REDDI

Oram OctoSonic+

Audient ASP008 ADAT


Outboard / Plugins

Charter Oak SCL-1

Tube-Tech CLA-1b

Lexicon PCM90

SSL Duende

Waves Horizon Bundle

UAD2 -12 Cores + Tons of Plugins!

Slate Digital VCC / VBC / VMR


Recording / Mixing

Protools 11 / Logic X / DP8

Antelope Orion 32

RME Madi FX PCIe Card

8-Core Mac Pro

Audient Zen + Flying Faders




ATC SCM25a Pro

ATC SCM35 (Listening Room)

Dangerous Monitor ST Controller



Fazioli F228 Concert Grand

Fender Rhodes 73 Mk I

Hammond M101

Roland GX700


Drums (on request)

DW Maple Collectors


Gretsch USA Custom


Yamaha Recording Custom


Ludwig Super Classic (1971)


Canopus Zelkova Snare

Brady Sheoak Block Snare

Ludwig Titanium Snare

DW Acoustic EQ Snare

Range of Zildjian Cymbals

K and Constantinople

DW 9000 Hardware


Guitar / Bass (on request)

Fender USA Strat

Sadowsky Jazz Bass

Orange TC-15

Aguilar DB751

Bergantino NV610

Phil Jones M500

Phil Jones 6T/9B




029 2070 6976


Fieldgate Studio - Cardiff Recording Studio with Fazioli Concert Grand Piano

If you would like further information, or to arrange a visit, please call or email us.

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